Boho Pyrite Statement Ring- Adjustable

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Raw crystals and minerals in jewelry are trending in a big way. They allow the wearer to not only stay fresh and modern, but some also believe that they also have metaphysical properties, such as pyrite.

PROPERTIES:✨Some believe that pyrite is said to inspire creativity, protects against harm or danger as well as enhances assertive energies. Raw pyrite has a magnificent luster somewhere between gold and silver, making it an extremely versatile mineral that mixes well with a variety of jewelry.

SHAPE: ✨This raw brass ring has a slightly tapered look that is skinnier in the back and flares outward in the front.

ADJUST: ✨ The ring is adorned with hand crushed raw pyrite, and is easily adjustable by pushing outward from the center in the ring allowing the wearer to wear the ring comfortably on any size finger.

NOTE:✨ it is normal for some flecks of pyrite to flake off over time with normal wear and tear. Listing is not for this exact ring but one of same design. Mother Nature rarely duplicates itself so crushed pyrite may vary slightly from ring in the picture.