On the Story of Now

One day there will be books that tell the stories of now, and I want them to be about how we found the time to sit at windows and watch bees explore the spring flowers, and how we had the presence of mind to turn inward and forgive ourselves for how we’ve contributed to the suffering human condition, and how we learned to be more patient parents and less selfish lovers.
I want this story to be a romance born out of tragedy, not a psychological thriller.
And I know it doesn’t feel like a romance while we’re living it, but one thing I’ve learned is that romance is really just plain old real-life viewed through the rosy lens of time and perspective.
So I’ll leave my faith to the story tellers, trusting that they can find a way to follow the bread crumb trail of lessons and hope, not just for future generations to enjoy, but for us to remember: There was love here.

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